5 Assessments
Clients Use

to Choose Who They Work with.

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Average new business win rates across industries in 2023 was 21%.

(Hubspot 2024 Sales Trend Report)

If that’s familiar, that means that 79% of prospects are saying the offer isn’t relevant to them. And those who are, are taking longer to decide.

Clients and prospects assess the firms they meet with and never share that assessment with them until it’s too late.

And, what clients tell us is that “It’s harder now than ever before to choose which outside firm to trust with our future.”

They say, “It’s hard because we do a good job of creating a short list of firms – any one of which looks good to us on paper. When we meet them though, they tend to blend together with little to no discernible differentiation. They all have strong people, solid reputations, relevant products and services, mature processes, satisfied customers, and market competitive pricing. Hence . . . hard to choose.”

But when they choose, it’s the firm (usually only one) that showed interest and curiosity to learn who they are as people, what they value, the results they’re committed to achieving, how they want to get there, and what they care about most along the way. 

When asked how often they see this curiosity and desire to learn in the firms they meet with, their response is, “almost never.” 

There’s a skill to being curious and truly learning about a client vs. only asking questions to get information which clients say most firms do.

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During this 45-minute webinar we’ll share with you the five assessments client make when they choose to work with a firm, and the origin of the Client School, a comprehensive skill curriculum you can learn.  Current and former students are using these skills to produce double to triple digit improvement in results.

We’ll also introduce you to the one question that gets it all started.

We’ve learned from thousands of clients over the last three decades what it takes, according to them, to be their choice when they’re searching for outside resources.

We’ve turned that learning into The Client School, a comprehensive learning curriculum of skills for professional business developers and client services people.

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