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Photo of Duane Spivey, Co-Founder and Revenue Growth Coach for The Client School
Photo of Gary Mitchiner | Co-Founder and Revenue Growth Coach for The Client School

Gary has held several marketing, brand management, sales and HR leadership roles in Hall of Fame advertising and promotion agencies, a Fortune 8 corporation marketing group and in his own marketing consulting and coaching firms. He has 41 years of experience in directly influencing and supporting the growth of leaders and businesses in such organizations as Nuveen Investments (three years), Mesirow Financial, (seven years), Blue Vista Capital Management (5 years), Citibank and Citicorp (four years), CVS Health (11 years in brand management and serving as the business development coach to marketing and sales for Caremark – a PBM), AON Hewitt (14 years), Hyatt Hotels, McDonalds, Wirtz Beverage, Deloitte, Kaplan Education, ILM Environmental, Baker & McKenzie, The University of Wisconsin School of Business, the University of Michigan Office of Development, Lawrence University and JAHN Architecture. Gary’s clients have consistently used their new learning to achieve new levels of performance. Gary’s career revenue produced is $150B – either directly or in support of his clients.

Gary’s core expertise is teaching and coaching people on the use of rare, unpublished advanced listening and positioning/presentation skills that outperform common best practices. Gary’s clients become preferred and have a significant following of people who want to collaborate with them. Their win rates increase, and their incomes rise an average of 77% within two to five years– without working harder and longer.