Clients are more
discerning than ever
about who to trust.
Learn how clients want to
be served, but rarely are.
"Our clients see us
completely different now.
Our client retention and new
business rates are up."
CEO Environmental Firm
"Prospects and clients
frequently say we are
relevant to their future and
our revenue is up 27% ."
Chief Revenue Officer - Professional Services Firm
"I've used The Client
School skills to earn new
clients over the last three
years. In the process, I
tripled my income."
Business Developer, Healthcare
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The School

The Client School is for people and organizations who are committed to becoming client-centric.


Leaders in companies of every size and in every industry and geography say it’s harder than ever to decide who to trust when it comes choosing outside firms to help them.  

“All the firms we consider hiring tell us they have the expertise to help us . . . but they sound and look alike. And they’re so salesy.  They don’t seem to grasp who we really are , and who we would trust with our future.”


Graduates of The Client School have learn to listen and speak with their prospects and clients in ways that have them be trusted over others. As a result, they are achieving better new business, client service, and retention results.  


The inspiration to create the Client School comes from listening to thousands of clients share how they long to be treated but so rarely are – presently and in the history of their careers.  

The school is dedicate to business professionals who have a big ambition to learn uncommon communication skills that their peers don’t have.  They use them to earn, serve, and retain clients and generate significant increases in their income and net worth.


In short, you’ll learn a lot about you, where you are today, and how to evolve to who you want to be for others. Everything you’ll learn  is about self-awareness – the skill that creates choice.  For example, the choice of whether to keep talking in a meeting or stop and listen.  Clients say that people who talk too much in meetings have low self-awareness are less likely to be trustworthy.

The better you see yourself, the better you can observe others.

Simply put, you’ll learn to observe what others don’t, act in ways others can’t, and produce results that others won’t.

The people that succeed are totally open to learning about themselves.


14 75-minute modules

Design of the Learning

The Client School has been designed to introduce you to 14 practices that include over 65 client-centric skills.  Each practice is uniquely powerful in and of itself, and when taken together the combination of the 14 practices will support you in outperforming your competitors, and your previous best results. In addition to the learning modules below, your Client School experience includes individual application coaching to support you in applying the learning right away with your clients and prospects in your day-to-day conversations.

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The Client School is for professional business developers, service firms and entrepreneurs who want to fulfill or exceed their annual new revenue commitments by learning and using rare, unconventional, top 1% business development skills.

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